Apr 13, 2011

My Other Kitties:)

There is something about the presence of a cat... that seems to take the bite out of being alone....

Everyone by now knows that I love cats. At one time I had 5 kitties. I loved them all and to this day I miss each and everyone. I found homes for them but I do not know where they are. Most likely they are no longer alive but if they are they would be between 21 and 19 yeas of age.

Home for me and my 5 kitties was California.  We had a beautiful home and we we happy there.  When tragedy struck, I moved with them to New Jersey.  Life was good for almost a year.  Winter came and I brought them with me to The Sunshine State.

Reba at home in CA..
 My first kitty was named Reba...she was one hell of a kitty, she hated everyone but me.  I loved her to death and whenever I think of her my heart breaks and my mind wanders....where are you Reba??  She was the first and only female of 5 cats.  She ruled and no one else mattered as far as Reba was concerned.

Lil' Mister


Kitty number 2 was McGyver.  Together with Lil' Mister (#3) these two became buddies and best of friends.  If they were people one could say that they never had a bad day and were always happy and content with life.  They tried to be friends with Reba but she was not going to have any of that.

In came the fourth.  We named him Buddy and we found him in our backyard looking lost and abandoned.  He was a Siamese all white with beautiful blue eyes.... but when we found him he was dirty and scared.  A little kindness, patience and lots of love turned Buddy into one chatty kitty who loved being petted and touched all the time.....

Tiger 2007

Tiger 1993:)
Not knowing this was going to be my last year living in California, I found another kitty.  Actually, he was in a brown paper bag someone was going to throw away.  I heard this meow...asked what's going on, before you knew it we had kitty number 5.  We called him Tiger and he was no bigger than the palm of my hand.  Tiger was a handful.  To this day I have never seen another cat as playful and full of spunk and energy as Tiger.

When Arvid came into my life we found homes for all the Kitties.  This broke my heart and continues to break my heart whenever I stop and think of it.  These cats saw me through one of the saddest times of my life....you see I was very young and was already a widow.  They were my salvation and I believe I needed tham more than they needed me at times.

All I hope and pray for is that they were well cared for, treated with kindness and were loved until the very last day of their lives.  I will always feel guilty for giving them up but that is someting I will have to live with forever.

My life is forever a better place since the day I had my first kitty...

Cats come and go without ever leaving.....A cats meow massages the heart...
 until next time...