Nov 4, 2014

One Day At A Time...

Challenges are what make life interesting.
overcoming them is what makes it meaningful...

We thought that now that Brutus has had this mass removed from his paw we had the green light
 to his getting better.  We really thought so, but the truth is that everyday is another struggle.  
He does not want to eat.  He does not want to drink and thought I force feed him with 
wet food and syringes of water, it don't think he is getting enough of either.  
His medicines most likely are causing this to happen, but if we stop 
the medicines then the paw will not heal.  What shall we do? 
 I just can't seem to get it right for Brutus.

As of this morning I did not give him his morning dosage.  He is perked and has eaten 
and drank a little.  Of course we feel happy about this, but then the drawback is that 
the paw will revert to it's swollen stage again.  No matter how you look at it 
no win-win as of right now.  He's sleeping and for the first time he's 
sort of relaxed.  Waiting for a call back from his vet.

The last five days we have had the boat show here in Fort Lauderdale.  Today
there is a parade of boats going back to their "homes".  We are having a 
very enjoyable time just watching the boats pass by.  Relaxing.

In all of this Arvid as usual is busy as a bee.  Both Brutus and I making sure 
we stay as far away from him as possible.  Brutus sleeping so not a problem for him.

This to Molly, as of now Arvid does not wish to have any pictures of his posted.
Therefore, for now nothing here on my blog nor or Facebook. He says he wants
 to be completely private.  Wants me to remove every picture of him.

To all a good day.  Many things going on today so just a regular day for us.
Remember to always look for the silver lining in everything.

When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness
 to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has 
happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge
 will not wait.  Life does not look back....