Aug 15, 2018

Wednesday .. Halfway There ~

Too much time on my hands. It’s ticking away with
 my sanity.  I’ve got too much time on my hands it’s hard to
 believe such a calamity.  I’ve got too much time on my hands, 
and it’s ticking away, ticking away from me....

Believe it or not I have spent way too many hours this week 
watching shark movies.  And this is during the day.  What has 
happened to me?   I'm not sure how many more shark
movies I can handle, but for now pretty entertaining.

Yesterday I was at Almost Home.  Short visit but very nice.
  The day before I met Bailey, on of my previous tenants' kitty cat.
  Bailey is very tiny, but boy is he energetic.  I took him
 a few toys and he never stopped running, rolling 
and jumping.  Already I love Bailey.

Today  Bonnie and I go out for lunch.  Who knows maybe 
an adult drink or two is in the picture.  You never know.

The last few days we have had quite a lot of rain.  
Sniff is happy because we’re home, but he still thinks we 
will be leaving.  Anytime Arvid goes out Sniff just 
waits by the door.  He has been really jumpy.

The birds keep him entertained and now so do the 2 little turtles 
we have.  I feed them lettuce and bread and they gobble
 it right up.  Running out of things to do here.

 Now that we do not have the hotel I feel the need/desire to go
 back to Florida.  Strange, but I still don’t think of it as home right
 now.  But I am ready to go.  Here in Branson I am already restless.

On Sunday Arvid and I went to what's known as The birthplace of
Route 66 Festival in Springfield.  It's a car and motorcycle show.  Pretty
interesting with lots and lots of cars, and lots of memorabilia of Route 66.

As the new day begins Sniff and I are keeping each other company.
We love our mornings.  Very peaceful and very quiet.  In the mornings
 as I sit with Sniff I sometimes let my thoughts go elsewhere.  It
 always leads me to Brutus.  I really miss him.  The pain is not as
 agonizing, but boy I miss my Brutus.  I love our Sniff Sniff.
We have a good life.  We have what we need and for that I
am always grateful, but I miss my Brutus.  Now I have so
 many hours to think.  Not so sure this is always good.

Physically I am here.  Mentally I am far, far away.
Some days, she has no idea how she'll do it.
But every single day, it still gets done...