Dec 1, 2019

Sunday Vibes ~

New month, new day, new date, new chapter, 
new page, new wishes!  Welcome December...

What is so special about December?  Every month is special, 
but come December it's Christmas.  A magical time of the 
year, and the best reason for it being special is because 
December 25th is my mom's birthday.  If ever there 
was an angel here on earth.  It's our mother.

Last night Arvid and I went to the Guitar Hotel, 
The Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood.  We went to see 
Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert.  I was just excited to see the 
hotel and what all the talk was about.  The concert was a
 plus. Let's say I was not too trilled with what we saw.

The hotel itself is just amazing.  A magnificent
 structure.  Everything is beautifully done.  Very impressive. 
 Now we don't need to go to Las Vegas if we want to go
 to a casino.  It's pretty, but I was a little disappointed.

No matter what or where, Arvid and I always
 have a good time. We walked around the entire place, saw 
lots of cool stuff.  Lots of gambling and tons of slot machines.
  If you want to do Vegas, all you have to do is step into the casino 
here in Hollywood.  Personally I will take Vegas any day.

Wishing everyone a beautiful month of December.  
It has stared out with a positive vibe and let's hope
 it continues.  Happy Sunday and always remember
 that kindness is free.  Happy day to all of you.

To get up each morning with the resolve to be
 happy is to set our own conditions to the events of 
each day. To do this is to condition circumstances
 instead of being conditioned by them...