May 31, 2018

It Has Been A Good Day ~

Take time to make your soul happy...

What started out as a beautiful sunny day ended up into
 a stormy wet day, but all was not lost.  The rain washed
 away the dirt and made everything look so much better. 
 My plants got watered and I never had to go outside.

  Good thing that because every time I step foot 
outside it seems like I get stung by something. Today 
I was saved from that.  Happy day indeed.

Summertime.  Means we have none of our regular TV
 shows on.  Arvid is sort of not knowing what to do.  Good
 thing though, he can watch just about anything
 and still be happy.  Just a happy man.

Tourist season is in full swing.  Today when we went
 to lunch the restaurant was parked and extremely noisy. 
 Neither Arvid nor I like to eat when there is a bunch of people
 yakking away all the time.  Too loud and very annoying. 

On my way to Home Depot to buy stuff for the hotel,
 I got soaking wet.  Did not help that on this day
 I choose to wear one of my "better" shoes.  

Should just stick to the clunky ones from now on. 
 The good thing is that here in Branson is does 
 not rain all summer long as it does in Florida.  

Soon time to call it a day for us.  Logging off and wishing 
everyone a peaceful evening and pleasant dreams.

Happiness isn't about getting what you want all the time.
It's about loving what you have and being grateful for it...