Oct 15, 2018

Busy Week Ahead ~

One of the nice things about being busy is it makes you focus
 on what's important to you and how you use your time...

Somehow our life in Florida seems even more hectic than when
 we lived in Branson and ran the hotels.  How is that possible?  Answer
 is simple.  Arvid.  Somehow Arvid makes life seem more hectic 
that it should. Says he likes staying busy, so do I, but
 somehow with him it is really a lot of work.

Yesterday we met with a customer.  Over drinks and a good meal 
we discussed his selling his house.  A house we sold them a 
few years ago.  Since we have been gone from Florida for
 a good 2 years, I have to relearn everything about the 
Multiple Listing System, or MLS as it's called.

As Arvid said to me, "tomorrow we take the listing, so make 
sure you figure out how the system works.  Thank goodness that
 I learn fast.  I have already mastered most of it, at least
 enough for us to take the listing tomorrow.

Now all Arvid has to do is print out the forms.  Go to the 
customer and take the listing.  In the meantime I will continue to 
see how best we can use the system to maximize the listing.  

It's been a long time since I did this so hopefully I will
 manage to do what's best for the customer.  I have to.

The week will be a busy one, but that's only good.  I think
 of other things.  Sniff is enjoying his new home.  At least he is
 much more comfortable in his surroundings.  He does not
 seem to care about the views the way Brutus did.  Sniff is 
not into Palm Trees and boats.  He loves bird watching.

In my experience, being busy and 
working hard is the key to sanity/happiness...