Oct 14, 2018

Back In Florida ~ Home Again

Life doesn't require that we be the best, only
that we try our best.  Sometimes we forget...

I had a great time in California visiting my sister and family. 
 Arvid and I had a few days together then he went back to Las Vegas 
for his meeting.  Worked out great.  He and I enjoyed San Diego together
 in a place called Gaslamp District.  It's the spot in San Diego.

We also checked out a very cool place called Little Italy in san Diego.
The music seems to follow us, for there was live music, and the
 place was rocking.  Arvid and I of course enjoyed the music,
 the crowd and a few adult beverages.  The weather in
 San Diego as ALWAYS perfect.  We had a great time.

Rima and George gave us the tour.  We drove almost 2 hours 
to Huntington Beach for dinner and to see the sunset at The Pier. 
 Well worth it.  Food was delicious and the sunset out of this world. 
 I love sunrises and sunsets and could have spent forever just 
looking at it.  Needless to say we had a great time.

Rima took me to a few places I have never been to.  
California has definitely changed since I last lived there.  
There is development just about everywhere.  

So much so it looks like a whole new place to me.  I enjoyed
 every moment I had with Rima and family.  I was also fortunate 
to see my friend Anna.  Rima made some amazing desserts for us. 

 Her cheesecake is the best I have every had.  Cheesecake Factory
 does not even compare to Rima's.  We also had Tres Leches, better
 than any Cuban Restaurant you will go to and some of her cakes.
 Needless to say extra pounds were packed on.   But so delicious.

I kook forward to seeing them every year.  Now that we 
are back to living in Florida it should be easier to go places. 
 The weirdest thing though is that I have suddenly 
discovered that I do not like flying that much.  

When we went to Norway this year the plane trip was scary.
  The plane bounced around a lot and it dropped suddenly.  
I'm not sure I would like to do that long trip again, 
but as Arvid said, "give it time."  I will.

To all a good day.  Sunny and beautiful right now.  The 
boats are just giving us an amazing show right now.

Our life is good and it will keep getting better...