Oct 20, 2018

We Are Home ~

It's starting to sink in now.  It's good to be home...

We really do live in Paradise, or at least it feels like it. 
 Surrounded by palm trees everywhere, water, boats passing 
by and the sun always shining.  Sure is beautiful.  Even when 
we are "at work" it feels like a vacation.  Below, me "at work."

Arvid can't stop smiling and even though I miss Branson
 and Almost Home, I have to admit that this is where 
we belong.  We are back home doing what we love.

So far we have done some work, but it sure felt more like fun. 
Enjoyed some cruising around.  Still lots to see since we were last here.
  Hopefully tomorrow we will be heading downtown to check out
 the Art fair and have dinner.  Very warm to be walking outdoors,
at the same time beautiful.  Happy and grateful always.

Arvid and the "boys" yesterday at Table 14.  Yes, we are home again.
To all a wonderful day.  What are you grateful for today?

The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave,
and it feels even better to come back.  We're where we belong...