Oct 30, 2018

Happy Days ~

Live life for the moment because 
everything else is uncertain!

Arvid came back from Miami and said to me, 
"Nirvana and I talked all the way back to the apartment.  
45 minutes sure went by fast."  This was yesterday.  Arvid 
picked her up in Miami and brought her to our place. 

Yesterday everyone had lunch at our place.  It was
 relaxing and very enjoyable.  When they were about
 to leave Arvid said, "well this went by very fast." 

Time with family is always relaxing.  I love to cook,
so for me it is fun.  The cleaning up is another story,
 but as Arvid loves to say, "we work good together."  

Nivana is going to be a regular "visitor" in Florida now.
After all her son J lives here, whom we also plan to see a little

 more often.  If our lifestyle is busy, then J and Alexandra's
 is even busier.  With regular jobs these two still manage 
to take off almost every weekend to some mini vacation.

Last month was Punta Cana.  This coming weekend they go
 to Puerto Rico.  In November they go to Cancun.  All of this 
for weddings for their friends.  Come Christmas and New Year
 they will be spending it in Peru with Kimsy and their dad. 
 Boy, we actually have to make an appointment to see J.

Life is good.  I am really liking having visits from my 
family for a change.  Soon we will also see my sister in
 Tampa and I can't wait for that as well.  For now, 
I will enjoy my parents' visit and my sisters.

Wishing everyone a good day.  Remember, don't 
make things too complicated. Try to relax, enjoy
 every moment, get used to everything.

Life is short, and if we enjoy every moment of every day, 
then we will be happy no matter what happens
 or what changes along the way