Oct 8, 2018

Making Memories ~

Live for moments you can't put into words...

So far we are have having a great time with everyone.  
I am just happy to be able to spend time with Rima, George,
 the kids and of course Dexter and Marley.  Dexter as I have 
always mentioned holds a special place with me.  He loves to be 
carried around, and gets it all the time from everyone.  After all,
Dexy weighs less than Sniff.  How is that even possible?

The days are already going by way too fast and we have
 so much to do.  Rima makes an excellent tour guide and she
 will actually be taking me out to see some of her favorite places. 
 Loving it.  She loves San Diego.  Guess where we will be heading.

Lilly Vade is a water baby.  If she could spend all her 
hours swimming and using the hot tub she would.  She rushes 
to do all her chores and homework just so that she can have 
extra swim time.  The entire family is golden in color.
  California living suits them so well.  They all love it.

I am fortunate to be able to spend time with them.  
I am loving every minute and making wonderful memories
 all over again.  Being here in California brings back a
 lot of memories.  Memories of a life I once had here.  
It was also a beautiful time and a beautiful life.

I have a beautiful life with Arvid.  Would never change
 it for anything in the world, but at the same time just being
 in California awakens what I thought was asleep.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day.  I will be continuing to
 enjoy California and my time with my sister and family. 
 So much more to do in so short a time.  Pretty amazing
 how much can get done when one really wants to do it.

Every day is a going to be a memory. 
Make good ones and take pictures...