Oct 29, 2018

New Week ~ Great Expectations

Time to turn off the iPad.  Put away the smartphone,
and just enjoy being where you are when you are with your family...

Looking forward to the new week very much.  For starters 
my parents and my sister is still in town.  I also have my sister in
 Tampa so life is really good.  Nothing like spending quality time
 with family.   This was one of the things I really missed when
 we lived in Branson.  I did not see family for almost 2 years.

Yesterday Arvid and I spent a few hours over lunch 
with my family.  It was really very nice.  We waited quite a
 while for the food to come but in between drinks and appetizers
 and a lot of talking going on we sure had a great time.  
I love seeing Arvid and my family interact. 

J is all very proud of his car.  He had to take his uncle 
Arvid and his grandma for a drive.  Grandma had a 
"little shakeup"  The car has 350HP it goes FAST!

It's been a good few days so far.  Nirvana has been here
 since Thursday and we are enjoying time with her,
 J and Alexandra.  Now my mom and dad are here 
and having good times with them as well.  

They have been on the move for weeks now.  Just about
 2 weeks ago they flew to New York for a wedding.  They also
 came to Florida for a wedding.  Soon they will be going
 to California for a month.  Boy they are busier than
 all of us.  Travelling is fun, but so exhausting.

To all a good week.  For me it is a great one. 
 I get to spend it with family.

My family is my life, and everything else comes 
second as far as what's important to me.
Let today be the start of something new....