Oct 5, 2018

Las Vegas Bound ~

Everything and anything you want 
to do you can do in Las Vegas...

Today we head out to Las Vegas.  We have not been there
 since owning the hotels.  So many things we were not able to do
 when we had the hotels.  Guessing that it's time to start doing the
 things we enjoyed.  I did enjoy the hotel business, but I look forward 
to new ventures with Arvid.  Las Vegas, here we come.

Neither Arvid nor I are the types that like to gamble, but who
 knows I will of course try my luck and let the dice roll.  
Who knows, I might come out the big winner 
for the night.  Anticipation kicking in.

Arvid loves to trade and his trading takes us places.  
One is Las Vegas, and of course California because that's where 
my sister and family now lives.  As I said to Arvid trade 
or no trade, ever year we are going to California.

We get there at night.  What a beautiful city it is at night.
 Just the idea if being in Las Vegas is exciting.  We have 
discovered a few places we like.  While Arvid trades I tour the
 city.  It just does not get any better.  Sin City here we come. 

If you know how to live in Vegas you can have the best time...