Oct 10, 2018

Life Is Good ~

You shouldn't wait for other people to make special
 things happen. You have to create your own memories...

Rima, George and the family are completely settled in 
to the California lifestyle.  As Lilly Vade says, "we are
 living the American dream here in California."

I am happy.  Whenever I have the opportunity to spend
 time with loved ones my heart is all happiness.  I know our

time will soon come to an end, but the few days we have had
 together and what we still have will forever be happy memories.
 I am on a quest of collecting happy memories always.

Lilly Vade, Riley and our hippie Gabsy are all California
 kids now.  They fit into the lifestyle so easily.  I love seeing
 them happy and always smiling.  Makes me happy.

  I was happy to be able to go to Lilly Vade's school with Rima,
 and pick her up.  I have done that with all of my nieces
 and nephews at some point in their lives.  Hopefully one
day we will do it with Vanessa and Aleah as well.

Time to go and make some more memories.  To all a very
good day.  I'm having a great time with Rima and family.

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the
memory banks of our loved ones.  I have a very conveniently
 photographic memory of emotions - it's overwhelming,
 because things don't fade for me...