Oct 16, 2018

Feeling Good ~

When was the last time you spent
 a quiet moment just doing nothing,
 just sitting and looking at the sea, 
or watching the wind blowing
 the tree limbs, or waves rippling
 on a pond, a flickering candle
 or children playing in the park?...

Mornings.  My favorite time of the day.  Peaceful.  
Quiet.  The sound of the palm trees swaying, 
a boat passing by, my cafe and Sniff. How 
does it get any better than that? 

 I really don't care where I am, as long 
as my mornings are quiet and calming
 I am loving it.  I loved my mornings 
in Branson also.  I miss them, 
but I also love it here.

Another busy day here.  Arvid still 
has the "flu"  Still can't seem to 
restrain himself from doing too 
much running around.  

Since coming back to Florida he 
has been looking like crazy for 
concerts for us to go to. 

 He did find one (I told him I would not go), fortunately for
me it was all sold out!  Has not stopped him from looking.

Time to start my day.  Arvid will soon be awake and
 from that time on we will be busy busy busy.  Coffee and
 quiet time is over.  Morning is starting to buzz again.

There comes a time for everybody when words
 and reasons can become such a great weariness.