Oct 1, 2018

New Week ~

A brand new week to live, laugh and give thanks 
for all the blessings.  Smile, love be happy....

As the new week begins we look forward to all things
 good happening.  I am super excited because we will be 
going to Las Vegas and California.  I like Las Vegas because
 I usually get to do a lot of things on my own, but 
when it comes to choosing Vegas or California, 
simple choice. I take California any day.  

We will be seeing my sister and family, and I will 
also be seeing one of my best friends, Anna.  Life 
brought Anna and I together under tragic circumstances,

but what kept us friends for over 20 plus years is
 a bond that not even distance can destroy.

I am still trying to figure out where to put the 
clothes I brought from home in Branson with me.  
As t is, my closet was already over stuffed.  Arvid's 
solution to everything is to throw them away.  

Maybe I will have to do that.  Guessing the cleaning 
lady will be getting a few bags of "stuff" in the days to 
come.  I don't mind because she also petsits Sniff,
 and takes really good care of him.  Win-win.

We had a good weekend doing things we used to do.
Was fun, and we even ventured out of our "comfort zone."

Good morning all.  It's Monday here.
  Time to sparkle and shine. Yay!

Always gotta keep busy or the voices start 
telling me to do wild things. When you're staying
 busy there is no room to be sad...