Dec 1, 2018

Eleuthera, Bahamas Days ~

It is December, and nobody asked if I was ready...

Already December.  Where did the year go by so fast?  
It's not that many more days until Christmas and a brand new year.

This year has been good to many and unfortunately not so
 good for others.  Life it does not discriminate against anyone.

For Arvid and I it has been a very good year, culminating in 
our moving back to Fort lauderdale.  Back home.  Branson was 
a beautiful time in my life.  Always will be, but Florida is home.

Arvid and I are enjoying out time in the Bahamas.  
Yesterday was mostly work, but I always find time to take 
pictures and have a good time.  After "work" was done, 
Arvid and I spent the rest of the day checking out the island.
  Many big houses have popped up and businesses as well.

A little work in the morning and then the rest of the day is 
pure leisure.  Looking forward to see where the road takes us.  

Missing our little Sniff but I get updates on him twice 
a day and that makes it better.  Good morning all.  
Wishing you a peaceful and wonderful day.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today,
 and creates a vision for tomorrow. ...Be thankful for 
what you have; you'll end up having more....