Dec 4, 2018

Happy Days ~

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life.
Be happy for this moment.  Happiness is a choice...

Arvid is a believer in a good breakfast to start his day well.

Arvid loves his "good" bread and is good cup of tea.
 That being said,  I always carry his bread anywhere we go, and I 
always bring a big teacup for him.  No matter where we go, 
I always take these 2 things for Arvid.  Makes him a happy
 man in the  mornings.  The bagels are mine.

Yesterday we went to Cape Eleuthera.  So far we have covered 
most of the island.  At least the places we used to frequent 
when we lived here.  Was very nice to check them out again.

I'm missing little Sniff and can't wait to see him.  To all a very good day.
The Holidays are here so let's be jolly and have a good time.

Arvid and I have been having some very relaxing days here.
So far we got to meet many of the people we knew.  The best
 part is that everyone recognized us and remembered us.

To all a very good morning.  Last night we were graced
with the most amazing sunset.  Stunning does not do
 it justice.  Island life is beautiful and so relaxing.

Life is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life.
What you feel inside reflects on your face.
 So be happy and positive all the time.