Dec 22, 2018

Saturday ~

Life is a celebration. Consider everything that
 makes you happy as a gift and say, 'Thank you'...

Mornings with Sniff and afternoon walks with Arvid.
I am enjoying the amazing sunsets.  As you know I love sunsets
 and sunrises.  I wake up to capture them and as we go 
walking I can't help but stop and take pictures.

Yesterday the wind was worse than it was on Friday. 
 Friday was predicted to be the very "bad" day.  Go figure.

  The iguana that went up the tree is still hanging on 
there for dear life.  Love a camera with lots of ZOOM!
  Makes everything seem so close.  Like the iguana.

Soon it will be Christmas day.  It is also my mom's birthday.
Unfortunately this year we will not be seeing them for Christmas.  
Mom and dad will be spending the next month in California with my sister
 Rima and family.  Let's just say Rima can't wait for December 25th.

I'm fortunate for having seen them not so long ago.  
I am really happy because I have seen all my sisters
 and my parents within the last 2 months.  Another
 benefit of living in Florida.  Travel is easy.

Wishing everyone a day to remember.  
A day to make more memories.  Our life is good,
 but everyday I miss my Brutus and I think of 
little Shadow.  I'm grateful for Sniff.  Life.

Celebrate what you have accomplished, but raise 
the bar a little higher each time you succeed...