Dec 7, 2018

That Time Of The Year ~

Looking back at my life’s voyage I can only say 
it’s been a golden trip.  The best memories are the ones 
you can’t explain.  You just had to be there...

Everywhere you look it’s Christmas; I look out to the 
neighbors across the canal and their homes are all nicely lit up.
  Our building goes all the way out as well with the lights. 

Arvid and I went walking to the beach and it’s a 
beautiful sight.  The entire building is covered with lights.
  It’s always so nice to walk around and see all the
 happy people.  Yeah. Christmas is beautiful.

Here at home we don’t put out a Christmas tree.  
The last time we had one Brutus was alive.  Let’s say the 
tree did not fare well.  Brutus sort of climbed it.  Since 
then we thought it safer to not have a tree.  I'm sure Sniff 
would also attack the tree and tilt it over.  If we had one.

My sisters all have their trees up already. All 
decorated and smelling good.  I do love the smell 
of the fresh trees.  I’m tempted to buy a small 
one, but then I think of Sniff and I don’t.

Many years ago in Puerto Rico, my brother-in-law 
bought a few containers filled with Christmas trees. 

 Back then my nephew J was just a baby, but he was 
there almost everyday with his mom and dad “helping”
 to sell the trees.  Even I was part of this selling
 Christmas tree spirit.  Was a beautiful time.

We have been having a few cooler days here,  I love it.
  Arvid of course is in sweaters and long pants.
  I’m don’t know how he survived in Norway.  
He is no Viking, but he sure is cute.

The year has gone by too fast.  Only last year we were
 in Branson for Christmas.  Yes, I know life goes on,
 but a part of me misses everyone in Branson. 

I just hope they are doing well, and that the holidays 
bring them all joy, happiness and everything good.   
To my friends in Branson, I think of you often,
 and with the fondest of memories.

To all a very good day.  
Soon it will be Christmas Day.

For it is in giving that we receive.  
May your days be merry and bright...