Dec 19, 2018

Good Morning ~

Folks are usually about as happy 
as they make their minds up to be...

The cooler weather is still here.  The mornings are fresh
 and crisp and the afternoons are brisk for walking.  I am 
loving it.  Arvid still keeps saying how cold it is.

These cooler temperatures allows us to see even more Manatees.
  Lucky us we can see them right out of our balcony.  I love
 the cool air as I have my cafe in the mornings.  Arvid
 of course still in bed all bundled up.  Strange man.

Halfway into the week already.  I stay busy, but I really miss
the "busy" I was when in Branson.  I really miss running Almost Home.
 We don't talk about it much, but I think of everyone and I do miss them.
 I just hope that this is a good Christmas for all of my former tenants.

Life is good for us.  No matter where we are we always have
 a good time.  Florida is beautiful and everyday I look out, and I am
 reminded of how lucky we are.  I am grateful and always thankful
 for the life we have made together.  I may not have everything I
want, but like I always remind myself, I have everything I need.

Hello Wednesday.  What's in store for us today?

If you aren’t grateful for what you already have, 
what makes you think you would be happy with more...