Dec 13, 2018

Thursday Mood ~

The greatest happiness of life is the
 conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves,
 or rather, loved in spite of ourselves...

Lots of small errands to do these last few days. Most 
have to do with finding the right doctor.  As mentioned
 before, it is not as easy a task as one would think.  

Other than that we have been experiencing 
“cooler”temperatures.  I love it. Arvid not so much. 
Hard to believe that we spent 2 winters in Branson, and he 
hardly said anything about the cold. I guess when
 you’re busy you just carry on like nothing.

Sniff is doing really good. He loves Arvid and follows
 him everywhere.  Sometimes Arvid says to him, 
“leave me alone for a little now. I need to work.”  

Arvid used to have similar conversations with Brutus.
  Brutus. How I miss him.  We talk about him often.
 But when it comes to Shadow we don’t so much. 
It’s too painful to think of how Shadow died.

It’s Christmas time. The air is alive with the Christmas Spirit.
  I love it Arvid not so much.  Oh well. That’s life.  The 
next few days will be busy ones but “nice” busy. 

 Wishing everyone a great day and hopefully 
the Christmas spirit is in your hearts.

There is no life as complete as
 the life that is lived by choice...