Dec 10, 2018

So Begins The New Week ~

New week.  Bring it on.  No one dares stand in 
the way of a moving train. This week, you will 
be unstoppable. Have a great week ahead...

A visit to the mall with Arvid.  When Arvid needs to get something
he is fast.  Way too fast for me.  Everywhere you look there are 
smiling faces to be seen.  It's Christmastime in the city.

I still am trying to figure out why Arvid dislikes Christmas so much.
I know his reason, but sure is lame from where I stand.  
Christmas is beautiful.  It's time to be with family. 
 Time to be happy and spread joy and love.

The mall is fairly empty.  There are not many shoppers around anymore.
Seems like most people are now buying online.  I have started
 to do the same, but it's always so beautiful to actually
 go to the location and just see people.

The new week has already started.  Hopefully
 a good one for all of us.  Remember to appreciate small
moments of happiness, for they are so important.

Train your mind to see the good in everything...