Dec 25, 2018

Happy Birthday Mom And A Merry Christmas To All ~

People often say that mothers are the best teachers in the world.
 Over the years, I have come to know that it couldn’t be truer. 
Thanks for being the best mother and teacher in 
the whole world. Happy Birthday mommy!...

What better feeling is there that to wake up on Christmas
 morning surrounded by the warmth of family and to the sounds
of laughter and all the good smells of Christmas goodies?

During the holidays I really miss being around family.
Being married to Arvid is an adventure and one that I truly
love, but at the same time during the holidays I see the
differences between us.  I long to be with family and
he longs for the holidays to be done with.

What makes Christmas even better in our family is that
 it is also our mom's birthday.  From little this was the one day
our mom had "off"   Our dad would make sure she did nothing
 on her special day.  One day in the year we catered to her.

Now that our parents are older I remember even more
the Christmases past.  As a child there was nothing
in our life we lacked when it came to being
 loved and having our parents there with us.

This has not changed one bit.  Only difference is
 we are now all grown up with families of our own,
and we all live in a different state.  Makes it
 difficult to have a family gathering at times.

Merry Christmas to all.  Happy Birthday to our mom
and may each of you find and appreciate the simple joys of
being together and enjoying each other.  Life is short and
 we must always make the most of it.  For tomorrow
 is never guaranteed, but for us this moment sure is.

Mommy we love you.  Throughout our lives, you have
 always been the strength that holds us up in the storm of life.
 Enjoy Christmas in California with Rima and family.  Lucky them. 

The magic of Christmas never ends, and its greatest gifts 
are family and friends.  Blessed is the season which engages 
the whole world in a conspiracy of love.  Merry Christmas all.

Mom, you are my best friend.  
My greatest confidante. I couldn't be any happier 
to have you as my mother.  Happy Birthday...