Dec 28, 2018

Hello Friday ~

Nobody gets to live life backward. Look ahead, that is where your future lies...

Our week has been going really well.  We have
 worked a bit and had some leisure time.  Even when 
working  Arvid and I always have a good time.  
Countdown to the New Year has begun.

Danielle will be here with us and if all goes according 
to plans we will go watch the ball drop.  Truthfully the ball 
watch is a big joke. The last time we saw it Arvid's brother and 
girlfriend were her.  Before we knew it the ball had dropped. 
 This year we may go watch it downtown with Danielle.

Looking forward very much to having two of my nieces
 here with us. Lots I would like to do with them and show them. 
 We plan to take them downtown so they can see Las Olas.

I'm sure the two girls will enjoy just hanging around 
Aruba's Beach Cafe on their own.  Girls as we all
 know can have a lot of fun just doing nothing.

I always do what makes me happy - 
it doesn't make sense to live life unhappily.