Sep 19, 2019

A Little From Yesterday ~

When you start each day with a grateful
 heart light illuminates from within...

Yesterday was a perfect day for a walk along 
The Magnificent Mile, a little shopping, some alone girl 
time, and then meeting up with Arvid for some lunch.

Our day began on the balcony with our cafes 
of course.  It was a beautiful clear morning and of 
course something was happening on the lake. 

Scuba divers, emergency services, cops and a lot of
 people were there.  Unfortunately, someone did not fare too 
well in the waters.  We were watching a rescue effort.

While Arvid was watching a soccer game Danielle and I 
went out on our own to tour the shops.  Always a good time. 
 We met Arvid at the Cheesecake Factory later for lunch.

After lunch we walked some more, showed
 Danielle a few other places.  Arvid especially wanted 
to show her the Writers Museum.  After that it was 
time for some gelato and back home to Sniff.

Thursday has begun beautifully.  Danielle is 
already out jogging along the Lake.  Sniff is up and about, 
Arvid still asleep.  Good morning all.  A beautiful and 
exciting day awaits us.  Wishing you the same.

Wake up every morning with the thought that
 something wonderful is about to happen...