Sep 26, 2019

Having One Of Those Days ~

Don’t  judge me because as far as I know I
 haven’t let you borrow my shoes to walk in...

This morning Arvid said to me, "you know 
maybe we should get Sniff another condo
 at home in Fort Lauderdale.  The one
he has right now is kinda shaky."  

At first I thought what a great idea, but then
 I said to him, "but that's the same condo Brutus
 used and also Shadow.  It still has their hairs
 on it."  Before you know it I was crying. 

Sometimes it's just a little mention of Brutus
 and it all comes back to me.  I love our little
 Sniff, but my Brutus took a piece of my heart. 

 I will forever be grateful to have had him
 in our lives.  I will forever miss him and
 wish he was back home with us. 

Sniff had his visitors yesterday.  He was his 
usual friendly self, but at the same time a
 little aloof.  That's Sniff.  Not afraid 
but indifferent at the same time.  

That's a cat for you.  Everything on their 
terms.  Love him.  Love him.   Katrina took
 with her a picture I had of Sniff and she 
brought him some special treats.

Sniff had two other visitors in the afternoon.  
He was very happy to see then and fell all over
 their feet.  Sniff is loved by everyone who
 meets him, he's just a bundle of love.

Life goes on.  We are happy, but every so
 often I think of this little kitty that stole my heart, 
and the memories are beautiful and at the same 
time extremely painful.  Life.  It is what it is.
Morning will come, it has no choice.

Its a beautiful cooler morning here right now 
59 F (15 C) but it will sure be warming up a little more. 
 Perfect start of this day.  Good morning all, and may
 your day be filled with all things good.

There are moments which mark your life. 
 Moments when you realize nothing will ever
 be the same again and time is divided into
 two parts, before this and after this...