Sep 6, 2019

Hello Friday ~

Change your thoughts and you change your world...

There is nothing I like better than waking up with
 my Sniff.  He and I always have some bonding time 
before his dada wakes up.  He sits by my side and I brush him 
for a long time.  Sniff won't mind if he was brushed all day long. 
 He loves it and makes it known by sitting on his "spot"

It's a very hazy kind of day right now.  Seem as
 if we are surrounded by a smoke cloud.  Even so, Arvid
 and I will take a little trip out later today for lunch.

I'm looking very forward to going back home to Florida. 
Before when we lived in Chicago I was not that keen
 on going back so soon to Florida, now I can't wait. 

I know the weather is crappy back home, but I don't
 mind.  For now we are having a good time in Chicago. 
Enjoying the weather, walks, the food and the sights.

For what ever the reason is, Friday is always
 the day we wait for.  As Arvid used to tell me,
"music sounds so much better on a Friday."

Happy Friday all.  Sniff is
already happy with his "present"

Life doesn't require that we be the 
best,  only that we try our best...