Sep 9, 2019

Monday Again ~

 Cherish your yesterdays,
 dream your tomorrows and
 live your todays...

Last Monday I was in Canada with family. 
 Loved it very much, but for me there is
 nothing better than being with Arvid, 
Sniff and yes Brutus and Shadow. 

 They are always in my 
heart and in my thoughts.  

This morning like most mornings, i look
 at them and the memories just come
 flooding back to me.  How I miss my Brutus. 
 Some days I think of him so much.

Weather is definitely getting colder
 here in Chicago.  The air is crisp and
 chilled.  Arvid of course is cold and is 
always bundled up.  Sniff is also a bit chilly
 because he stays for longer periods curled up
 in his bed.  Guess I am the only one in 
our family enjoying the cool September air.

Good morning everyone.  A new week is here again.  
And I can't seem to stop saying...time sure flies.

Keep your eyes on the stars
 and your feet on the ground...