Sep 28, 2019

Saturday Vibes ~

When everything seems to be going against you, 
remember that the airplane takes off 
against the wind, not with it...

Sniff and I woke up early again.  Yesterday it
 rained all day and most of the night.  Sniff was scared
 so he slept in the curve of my back the entire night.

  Made it difficult to move and though I was a little
uncomfortable, I did my best to stay still.  I love when 
Sniff sleeps close to me.  His warm little body kept me
 nice and toasty and when he purrs I can feel it.  LOVE!

Woke up to a wet morning.  Hopefully today will
be better.  Arvid and I have plans of going to the 
movies, but if it rains I know Arvid will hesitate.  
He does not like going out at all in the rain.

Being indoors all day is pretty boring. 
 To make it better I was experimenting with 
different nail polishes.  Mainly glitter.  

In preparation for going back home to Fort Lauderdale, 
there is a mess everywhere.  Mainly my stuff.  I am 
choosing what to take and what to leave.  

Not an easy task because I want to take 
back all my clothes, but at the same time 
I know I can't.  What a conundrum.

Definitely going to miss waking up to this view, 
on the other hand our view back in Fort Lauderdale is
 also pretty nice.  I'm thankful and grateful.

Wishing everyone a Saturday filled with happiness,
 laughter and all things good.  Remember it's our
 attitude that dictates how our day goes by.

Never whine, never complain, never try to justify yourself.
A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart...