Sep 2, 2019

New Week ~

Be your excellent self today by creating a 
beautiful mosaic from yesterdays' broken pieces...

Bringing in the new week in Canada.  So far 
we have had some amazing times with family and 
friends.  In an Indian wedding (part this time) you are
 definitely bound to meet family you never know existed.
  Always interesting to see who yo are related to.  
Sometimes good other times "interesting"

The day we arrived in Canada we all met at the 
grooms parents' home (my aunt and uncle).  There all
the family was gathered for a little before celebration.  

Always lots of food and drinks to go by.  There
 was not stop chatting and the laughter could 
be heard everywhere.  Loved every moment.

Today we also will all be gathering once again 
at my aunt and uncles home for another wedding 
celebration.  For those who know a little about Indian 
weddings, well yo know that in many families these
 celebrations and festivities go on for days.

I am very fortunate to be born in a culture that 
celebrates life to the fullest.  There is never a reason
 for a celebration.  All of life is lived as a celebration. 
 You cannot go to the home of an Indian family without
 being well fed.  Families are always priority.

I really love this time with family.  Those close 
and not so close.  You see another side of life. 

 My life is not necessarily that colorful nor festive,
 so when I have the opportunity to be a part of these
 celebrations I sure enjoy them to the max.

After a few days, I am ready to go back home
 to Arvid and Sniff.  They are after all, the
 ones I love spending my time with.

Happy new week all.  September is here and
soon we will all be going home to Florida.

Without my cat my home will probably be cleaner
 and I'd probably have more money...but my heart would be empty...