Sep 12, 2019

Hello Thursday ~

If the only prayer you ever say in your 
entire life is thank you, it will be enough...

We woke up to this.  For a little not bad, but hope it clears up soon.

These two have a special  time together.  Sniff is a
 "talker" but mostly with Arvid.  With me he's quiet and 
"reserved"  Always fun to see what happens.  Occasionally
 when Sniff is in a playful mood he will try to bite, Arvid
does get a little worried.  Sniff just plays that way.

Some days Sniff just seems to stare up in the ceiling for
 hours.  Even though I have looked and looked there is 
nothing visible to me that would keep him so captivated.

Our daily walks almost always lead us to the duckies.
  I buy food for them and as Arvid feeds then I take pictures. 
 There are so many, it's  impossible to get them all, but I usually
have lots of food so we do manage to feed many of them.

The days are warmer right now. A so called
 heat wave the city is having.  Arvid happy again and I 
am longing for the days of cooler temperatures.  I won't
 have too long a wait.  This way we are both happy.

Thursday already.  Thursdays are our Fresh Market 
days.  Early walk and that's good because it 
is not yet that sweltering hot and humid.

A little side trip yesterday found us at Park Grill.
 Have to say my very berry Mojito was delicious.

Wishing everyone a day of contentment.
 At the end of the day, I am sure thankful my
blessing are bigger than my problems.

My heart is covered with scars.  Don't get me 
wrong,  I wont trade one scar for anything.  It is 
the scars that have made me the person I am
 today and for that I am thankful...