Sep 4, 2019

Special Moments ~

Life is short. 
Don't count the seconds. 
Enjoy the moments...

I have been to many weddings and I have seen 
how happy the couples are, but I have never seen anyone
 as happy as Caitlin Sheriff, now Caitlin Dundee.  

Glowing does not cover her joy.  The girl was bursting
 with an energy that can only be described as happiness.  I was 
of course happy to be a part of this very joyous occasion.

Still tired from my Canada trip.  Will catch up some more 
tomorrow.  For now it's good to be home with Arvid and 
Sniff.  A big relief that Hurricane Dorian missed Florida, on 
the other hand, total devastation for some of the Bahamas.

Enjoy small moments as they come. 
At the end, That's what makes life worthwhile...