Sep 16, 2019

New Week ~ Let's Do It

Monday is just a reminder that the weekend 
has past and there are only a few more days
 before another weekend gets here...

The new week begins.  Hopefully everyone has
 had a relaxing and restful weekend and is now
ready to face whatever this week holds.

My sister Rima is always drumming up business 
even when she's resting.  If anyone uses Facebook to 
their advantage it sure is her.  She promotes, promotes
 and promotes.  For her it works wonders.  

Rima is creative, artistic and driven. Pictures of
 her foods and her desserts are always mouth-watering.  
I am sure her clients will be loving having her as 

their personal chef  3 days a week.  Rima
 is super excited.  She loves cooking.

Always happy to see people using FB for positive 
stuff rather allowing the world to track their every step.

Currently my FB is filled with a few "friends"
 on vacation.  Needless to say every hour there are 
over 5+ pictures of what they have done since waking up. 
 I think one or even two is OK, but bombarding FB 
is another thing. Everyone to their own I guess.

Arvid and I have an interesting and fun week 
coming up.  We will also be having company in the form 
of Danielle.  She's coming all the way from Florida to 
pet-sit Sniff for a few days.  As Danielle said, 
"now Sniff will love me the mostest."

Hope everyone has a great work week ahead.
  Always remember, it is our attitude that dictates the
 way our day/life will go.  A positive attitude will not 
necessarily give you everything you want, but
 it will sure make your outlook on life better.

It's not what happens to you, but how you 
react to it that matters.  Attitude is a little
 things that makes all the difference...