Sep 15, 2019

Hello Sunday ~ FunDay ~

When life gives you someone very special,
 you don't have to dream anymore...

Soccer is back in full swing.  This means Arvid has to 
plan his  agenda in between the games.  Everything is well 
planned out and thought out.  That's Arvid, always organized, 
definitely making sure nothing messes with his games.

His Sunday calls are scheduled so that they coincide
 when there is a break.  Breakfast is scheduled in the
 other break, and then it's a rush to make sure all 
is ready just minutes before the break starts.

Sniff and I just watch him and stay amazed.  The man
 is one of a kind and not always in the best of ways.  
His actions are at times pretty erratic and we just
 step aside to make sure we don't get trampled.

Yesterday was a pretty sunny and warm day. 
 We made the most of it by going out and having a 
few of our favorites.  lt is was the best of times.  Little
 things.  It's what makes this life so interesting.

Arvid's soccer break is over.  During his next break
 we have breakfast.  Sundays so "special"

It's all the little moments that make life a big adventure...