Oct 2, 2020

Friday October 2nd ~

 It must be October, the trees are falling 
away and showing their true colors...

Perks of living in Puerto Rico?  Aside from being in a beautiful
 island, my sister and Kimsy are here.  Coffee among sisters is
 a cherished time.  Like me she also likes coffee mugs.  This one is 
more special because Kimsy went to Yale and gave it to her.

We are still experiencing iffy weather, on the other
 hand so is Fort Lauderdale. Both places are being soaked.  

More soccer today for Arvid.  Hopefully we will 
be able to have our Friday outing, we will just 
have to keep an eye on the weather. 

 Sniff is still scared of all sounds coming from the
 bad weather.  More here because it's howling and the
 wind blows right through the sliding doors.

Everyday we do a little "chore" in the apartment. 
 Today Arvid fixed a couple of the outlets.  Arvid is a 
very good handyman.  The best.  Sniff a good helper.

Sniff is constantly following us.  Mostly Arvid.  
He's like Arvid's little Shadow day and night, Arvid sometimes 
does not see it this way and gets very impatient with Sniff.  
All Sniff wants is attention.  Just like a child.  With Brutus 
Arvid was all patience, Sniff deserves the same. Well 
he does get it, but he want's it ALL the time.

To all a very good weekend.  Today I missed home.
We have already been in PR for over a month now.

The most beautiful moments always seemed to
accelerate and slip beyond one's grasp just when you 
want to hold onto them for as long as possible...