Oct 29, 2020

Thursday October 29th ~

 No one can ever take your memories 
from you – each day is a new beginning, 
make good memories every day...

I was fortunate again today to have seen "my" kitties and
 to ensure that they were fed for the day.  My heart is happy.
  It reminds me of a kitty in Fort Lauderdale called Luna. 

 She is Vitoria and Michael's kitty when they are home away
 from home.  Like me they feed her and they are even luckier
 that they get to touch and cuddle with Luna.  The kitties here are
 feral, but at least they are not going to starve while I am here.

Evenings on the balcony is probably our favorite time 
of the day.  Breezy, peaceful and lots to see and hear.  
The most beautiful moon shows up right in front of us.  
The nights are star filled and we are lucky because ★ 
every night we see Mars shining bright above us.

Thursdays are always interesting in that Arvid 
looks at the map and does a lot of Google searches. 
 Makes me think that something new and 
exciting awaits us.  One can hope 😂. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Thursday.  Sniff says
 he can't wait for Halloween to be done with. 
 He's tired of being photographed 🐾 .

Darkness falls across the land, 
The Midnight Hour is close at hand...