Oct 15, 2020

Thursday ~

When I was young. I admired clever people,
Not that I am older, I admire kind people...

It nice and warn, even with the clouds on the dark side.

Sniff sees no point in spending too much energy right now.

A little trip yesterday into San Juan, a visit to my sister's
 and a little mall time.  Not bad, only thing is I really do not
 like using the mask.  Everyone seems so at ease with it.

Arvid had a little shopping spree.  At leas the had fun 
looking.  He says I am difficult 😁, but I have never met a 
more difficult person than him.  In everything almost.

The rain is coming.  Sniff is walking around in circles. 
 He has just heard the thunder.  Even though the skies 
are dark, it is always beautiful.  Just like yesterday,
 we had dark skies, but a beautiful day.

Already Thursday.  Weekend soon.  To all a good day.

Always be a little kinder than necessary...