Oct 12, 2020

New Week ~

Be your excellent self today by creating a 
beautiful mosaic from yesterdays' broken pieces...

New week begins. Looking forward to what it holds.  
As usual with us nothing is predictable.  One minute 😄
 we're here next we're somewhere else, and we like it.

We have talked about going home, but so much depends
 on other factors right now.  Arvid keeps saying, "the virus" 😷
 He pronounces it the Spanish way.  Very funny when he says it.

The above spot is our hangout at the beach
 close to us.  Good drinks and great food.  From here
 we have seen amazing sunsets.  Something  I know I 
will never be tired of., not matter how many we see.

Good morning all.  I woke up to another beautiful
 sunrise.  Found Sniff basking in it on his condo.  He 
sure loves the sun.  No matter where we are Sniff 
always seems to  finds his spot in the sunshine.

Your peace is more important than driving yourself 
crazy trying to understand why something
 happened the way it did.  Let it go...