Oct 3, 2020

Saturday ~

 When we miss someone, often, what we really miss
 is the part of us that with this someone awakens...

No matter where I am, memories don't just fade away.
  The last couple of days I have been missing Brutus so very
 much 😭, at the same time I have been sad because I feel 
as if Sniff is not happy.  He now sleeps mostly under the
 bed.  Something he never did back home in Florida.

Soccer has been going on everyday.  Our days, mainly 
Arvid's is full.  He can hardly keep up, and then he
 watches TV all night long.  How the man manages 
to watch so much TV is beyond me, but he does.

Everyday after soccer we have a few hours on the balcony. 
 The best of times.  I enjoy being on the balcony here in 
Puerto Rico more than any other place we have been.

We stay out late most nights.  We enjoy the sight of the
 moon and the sounds of life happening all around us.  The boats,
 the cars passing by with loud music.  All makes for some great
 times.  Loving it all, never know when it will end.

The most beautiful moons are seen right here from our balcony.  
Very grateful for this opportunity life has presented to us. 
 My childhood home is now our second home😍.
  It does not get any better than that 👌😜.

I enjoy my morning walks.  It's quiet and I get to enjoy 
my trail all by myself.  Occasionally I meet up with a few
people walking their dogs.  Very calming.  Love it.

Happy, grateful and thankful.  
Always.  Happiness attracts happiness.

You will never get everything in life but you will get enough...