Oct 16, 2020

Friday ~

Kindness is the language which the
 deaf can hear and the blind can see...

I don't think  will ever get tired of waking up to
 this view.  Even when we have stormy weather,
 it always clears up to bright blue skies 🌎.  

On Sunday we will give a "tour" of our home to Arvid's 
family via skype.  Mine have already seen it, so will
 be nice for the Norwegian gang to see it as well.  

Looking forward to what the little ones will think of
 the bunk room.  Though it's the office, it's all set up for
 little kids.  The only little kids left in the family are our 2 
granddaughters, and Lilly Vade.  Lilly Vade is now 13 so
 probably she won't like being called "little" anymore.

Friday..hmmm I wonder what we will do today. 
 If it's anything like the other Friday's, I am already
 smiling.  I see a tropical drink 🍹or 2 in my horizon. 

On a different note, Florida adds 3,356 coronavirus 
cases yesterday, the most reported since last month. Also,
141 resident deaths. Bringing the total death in Florida
 to 15,736.  About last night.  It was all pink.

Here in PR the numbers are also a little high, 
but at least in PR we feel safer doing the things
 we do when compared to Florida.  Sad.

Happy Friday to all.  Looking forward to
 another beautiful day here in the islands.

Happiness depends upon ourselves...