Oct 17, 2020

Happy Day ~

 May all your days be filled with umbrella drinks...

It rained just about all day yesterday.  It did not
 look good at all of our Friday outing.  Fortunately
 the rain stopped briefly at just the right time. 

 Arvid and I took off to one of our newest favorite 
Friday spots.  We made it there just in time, because as
 soon as we were seated, the rain came again.  And boy did
 it pour.  Even thought we opted for indoor seating
 this time, we still had sprinkles all over us.  

No matter where we go in Puerto Rico you find 
amazing drinks.  Last week as we were leaving one of our
 hangouts, I saw the waitress serving a drink I have never 
had before.  I asked what it was and she said it was
 a tropical coconut passion fruit sangria.

Yesterday I was determined to have one of those rain
 or no rain.  I sorta convinced Arvid that we needed to get
 out, and he of course was all for it.  He usually is.

Wile it poured on the outside, Arvid and I were nicely
 tucked away enjoying our Friday outing.  The waitress
 actually remembered us, and before Arvid could
 order his beer, she said, "and no lime🍋."

My coconut-passion fruit sangria was absolutely delicious. 
 I was in heaven.  I have never tasted as many yummy tropical
 drinks as I am right now. Every Friday is a burst of flavor and 
I am going to surely miss it when we go back home to Florida.

The sangria was packed with blueberries, grapes, 
blackberry, pineapple and of course coconut and passion fruit.
  It was just the best drink I have had for a long time. 
 And humongous.  Both Arvid and I enjoyed it.

I can't wait until next time to see what new tropical drink I 
might have.  Life is definitely delicious.  Happy Saturday to all.

Everyday you have two choices: continue to sleep
 with your dreams, or wake up and chase them...