Oct 28, 2020

Wednesday ~

Make my happiness, I will make yours...

 Every morning I make the biggest decision of my
 life: be happy today.  All I know is the here and now. 
 What happened yesterday, and what may happen 
tomorrow is gone or hasn't happened as yet.

Yesterday I talked to one of my previous tenants at 
Almost Home.  Our conversation made me very sad. She
 barley scrapes by.  I asked what do you eat after paying 
your rent.  Her answer "noodles and butter." And then
 she said, "don't worry Nadiya, I am used to it."

Of course I am worried.  I mean how can I eat knowing
 she has nothing.  Arvid says I can't help everyone.  I say
 "I can try."  At least I feel a little better knowing that
 soon she and her doggie will have some food 🥫.

Great opportunities to help others seldom come, 
but small ones surround us every day 😍

Happiness isn't about getting what what you
 want all the time.  It's about loving what 
you have and being grateful for it.