Oct 27, 2020

Rainy Tuesday In Puerto Rico ~ ☔

 You (Sniff) have no idea of the amount of
 happiness you brought into my life...

Sniff does not like being photographed, yet I manage to
sang a bunch of pictures of him everyday.  He is photogenic 
and adorable, it's as if I'm compelled to take his pictures.

As soon as I say "no more" he assumes another pose and there I go again.

Snapchat makes it so much more fun.  I can accessorize
 him to my hearts content.  And of course I do 😂.

Tuesday is not looking so good.  The other morning I 
found "my" alley kitty and was able to feed him.  Also
 a few more showed up in different spots again, I also
 left foodies for them.  Happy start of the day.

Rain and more rain this morning.  I started my walk, 
but boy did I get caught in the rain. Had to call it quits, 
but not before being soaked. Even though I did not see any 
of the kitties, I had food for them, but did not leave any 
because it will be washed away with this rain.

Was hoping we could go to the beach today, unfortunately 
looks like it's not happening, and here comes the rain
 again.  Happy Tuesday all, stay dry and be happy.

When life gives you a rainy day,  play in the puddles...