Oct 7, 2020

Happy Wednesday ~

 Life is good.  πŸ€”πŸ˜”Sometimes we forget ..

I start my walks early in the mornings just so that I can 
enjoy the sunrise.  Yes, we do see it from our balcony, 
but I do like all aspects of it, and today was no exception.

I always loved Puerto Rico, but I never expected to 
enjoy living here again so much.  Something about the island
 that just calms you and makes you feel at ease.  There are not
 any malls around us as I have mentioned before, but it
 has not bothered me much.  Not as yet.

Now that I found my little coffee spot, and feel comfortable
 driving on my own to the beach I am liking it even more 
and more.  Soon I will venture out to San Juan
 on my own if Arvid does not care to go.

Sniff is slowly but surely finding his favorite spots again. 
 His most favorite has always been between Arvids legs.  It still is.

Yesterday we went once again to the beach.  The water 
was warm and makes for perfect bathing.  Arvid said, "I can't
 remember the last time we swan in the ocean."  Aside from 
Puerto Rico it was probably some 10 plus years when we lived 
in the Bahamas.  We live in Fort Lauderdale, yet we never
 go to the beach there.  As my sister said, "El Man
 came all the way to Puerto Rico to swim."

Happy Wednesday all.  It's beautiful blue skies all around us.

You will never get everything in 
life but you will get enoughπŸ’“πŸ’“..