Aug 6, 2021

Friday Feels ~ August 6th

Every morning starts a new page in your 
story. Make it a great one today... 

I almost didn't get get out of bed this morning. 
 For a change I thought 5:15 AM was a little too
 early today, but then I thought of the kitties, and 
especially Rocco who was probably really hungry. 

 This is his first morning back after surgery, so I got up,
 prepared my VERY HEAVY food bag and out I went.

J is still in Colombia working and at the same time 
enjoying the country.  Below is his view from his rental
 place.  The pandemic has allowed many to work from 
home giving us more flexibility.  J is making the most
 of it, and at the same time he's working.  Win-Win

Another hot day in Puerto Rico, but always beautiful.

Today I also brought Bandit home.
  He took off like the bandit he is 😂.

Wishing everyone a happy start of the weekend.

Look for the magic in everyday...