Aug 5, 2021

Thursday August 5th ~

 Take a small step everyday.  No one is
 perfect, that's why pencils have erasers...

My dad is adorable always.  This was him yesterday 💙all 
set to go to a meeting in their neighborhood.  My dad loves to
 be a part of the community he lives in.  From little I remember
 him to always organizing the neighbors and to bring everyone
 together.  Everyone loved him then.  Every one loves him now.

Arvid is always finding things to do, and he has an
 avid "helper" in Sniff.  Yes, I also help with whatever
 it is he has going on.  Never a dull moment here.

Today Rocco is back home.  Happy as can be.

The days are beautiful, but hot.  Island life is good.

The most beautiful people wear their hearts on 
their sleeves,  and their souls in their smiles