Aug 8, 2021

Sunday August 8th ~

 No matter what yesterday was like, 
birds always start the new day with a song...

Sundays are our take it easy day.  Just like most of our
 days 😂, but somehow it seems a little more relaxed that 
our usual weekdays. Also, I don't go out walking at 5:50 in 
the mornings 😟  This makes me always a little sad.

Not much planned.  Usual Sunday outing 💛. 
 Soccer has begun so now our outings will be 
based on soccer's schedule, but that's OK.  

Arvid has something to do, and I have alone 
time to do what I like.  Happy both of us.  Maybe 
I can even go see my sister one of these days on 
my own while a game is going on 🙏😍

Don't make things too complicated. Try to relax,
 enjoy every moment, get used to everything...