Aug 11, 2021

Wednesday August 11th ~

Happiness comes from contentment...

Not a day goes by that Brutus is not in my thoughts.

Feeling good because I have now caught 12 cats.  They
 have all had the sterilization surgery.  Fewer babies will be 
in our are 🙏 one can always hope.  Still have a few more
 to trap, and who know how many more will show up.

These are the 14 cats I feed every morning. 
 Out of these 14, 12 have had their surgeries.  
Just missing Milo and Mama.  Hopefully soon.

Yesterday was a very dark and stormy looking day. 
 We did not go walking because of the rain coming from 
the tropical depression.  Some boats still ventured out.

Sniff was mostly staying put between Arvid and I.  He's not 
worried about no tropical depression because he knows we
 are here, and I will always protect him from everything that 
could possible harm him.  Sniff is after all our little boysie.

A happy day to all.  May you always find 
the good in everything and also in each new day.

Being happy is the greatest form of success...