Aug 1, 2021

Sunday August 1st ~

 Take a positive look at mistakes of the
 previous month, because they can teach you and
 make you wiser and stronger this month...

August starts with a good vibe always.  It's the first 
day of a new month and it's also Anna's birthday.  

Anna and I met so many years ago in California under very
 sad circumstances.  Her mom had just died, and my first husband 
had just died.  So began a bond that holds even stronger today.

Today is the first day of a new month.  Means that 
no matter where you've been, today you get to start again.
  Make sure you seize this opportunity and and make 
each day count.  Make this an amazing month.

May this new month be the beginning of 
wonderful things to come.  And may each day bring 
contentment to your/our lives. Remember it's not
 how much we have but how much we 
appreciate the things we do have.

Happy new month! May the upcoming month
 makes you wiser, kinder, and happier...