Aug 14, 2021

Saturday August 14th ~

 Time has a wonderful way of showing us what matters...

The old fashion way still has its charm.  
Looking to become a tradition 💚

It started a few months ago when my friend Jennifer 
sent me the first letter.  Almost 10 pages long.  She reminded 
me of when she and I corresponded years ago.  Jennifer was
 my partner when I worked with New York City EMS.

I feel good.  "My" kitties are doing well and soon I
 hope to have all 14 spayed/neutered.  I know more 
will show up, and at that time I will catch them.

Taino's first morning back homme, and he was there with
 the gang.  Hungry and waiting to be fed.  I try not to think
 of the day I we leave PR.  It's breaks my heart, but for now
 they are healthy, well fed, and have had their surgeries.

Soccer started with a bang.  As Arvid says, 
"my days will be very busy now."  Hmm..

What started off as a not so good week suddenly has turned around.  
Everything is working out fine and the week has been saved.

The happiness of your life depends 
on the quality of your thoughts...